"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."         -Samuel Butler

Guardian Family Information

We believe that all dogs deserve to have a loving home with people who not only cherish them but give them the attention they deserve.  In our opinion, a Home-Based Quality Breeder with carefully selected breeding dogs placed with guardian families is the best way to go.  We feel this is a Win-Win-Win for guardians, breeder & dog. 

A Guardian home placement benefits the dog by being happy, healthy and LOVED in their permanent home with their family (except during breeding and whelping when they are LOVED in our home).  When their breeding career is over (at about 6 yrs for females and possibly a little longer for males) they do not need to be rehomed.  

A Guardian home placement benefits the Guardian because the purchase fee is waived for a "pick of the litter" healthy, social puppy.  When the dog retires from its breeding career, the ownership of the dog is transferred to the guardian upon spay or neuter. (We also offer incentives for certain training certificates.) 

A Guardian home placement benefits the breeder by having a safe home in which the puppy is being raised and LOVED so it becomes a well socialized, behaved and secure adult.  In return,  Guardians must understand that a guardian arrangement is meant to be a permanent home for the dog.  

As breeder, we provide a healthy, social puppy that has had its first shots, worming, is micro-chipped and vet checked.  We pay for all health testing, breeding, pregnancy and whelping related expenses.  We promise to keep the dog safe while in our care and provide veterinary care at our expense, if required.  If the Guardian is no longer able to care for the dog, we will take him or her back although Guardians must understand that a guardian arrangement is meant to be a permanent home for the dog.  We do retain exclusive breeding rights to the dog.  If we are available, we may be able to care for the dog should you find yourself needing to use a kennel or for a female dog during her heats, if needed.   

That said, raising a Labradoodle isn’t for everyone and neither is being a guardian family. 


The requirements to be a Guardian Home for a Premiere Labradoodle puppy are:

  • o   Live within 100 miles of Paso Robles (may be waived in certain situations)
  • o   Either own your own home or have an established tenancy in a rental with proof of homeowner approval
  • o   have a fully fenced front and backyard
  • o   keep the puppy safe and in a good environment
  • o   provide an approved diet
  • o   not over exercise (esp.while under 1 year of age)
  • o   ensure the puppy is well socialized
  • o   provide basic obedience training
  • o   willing communicate with us regarding the general health and well being of the dog
  • o   provide general veterinary care when needed and notify breeder
  • o   provide vaccinations
  • o   license the dog in the appropriate county
  • o   notify the breeder immediately when a female begins each heat cycle
  • o   must not allow a female around intact males during her cycle, nor allow a male to breed without breeder approval.
  • o   the Guardian must facilitate the health testing, breeding, whelping and raising of puppies in our home. 
  • o   Send photos!