"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."         -Samuel Butler

Training, Food & Store!

Thank you for visiting Premiere Labradoodles and asking for our recommendations regarding training, food and products.  


We have used a wonderful trainer located on the California Central Coast -Alyson Rodges at Aly's Puppy Boot Camp.  We have sent our own dogs of various ages to her for "in person" training and we have learned so much each graduation day.  The dogs are not as hard to teach as we humans are, but Aly is consistent, patient and kind with humans too.  

Aly also has a greatbook available for purchase if you just want a taste of what she teaches.  

Books: Here are three other books I recommend that you not only have in your library, but read and use these to have more tools in your practical and knowledge toolbox.  More recommendations will be coming so stay tuned.  

Food and Treats:

Life's Abundance- After years of feeding a certain other kibble and becoming increasing more unhappy with the quality, we have decided to go all out with the best kibble we can find for our dogs and pups. We are now very proud to be a Life's Abundance Independent Field Representative.

Life's Abundance has been making high quality pet foods (and more) since 1998.  The company uses premium ingredients, the majority of which are sourced domestically.  It contains no artificial preservatives.  Life's Abundance produces dry foods on a frequent basis, which minimizes storage time.  They deliver the freshest possible product to your front door.  Talk about a win-win.  

To order Life's Abundance products click HERE.

Here are the products we are currently using.  The dogs (and cats) LOVE it!

What you will need when you bring puppy home: 

Bowls - We suggest metal and ceramic bowls only as plastic can trap bacteria and cause allergy issues.

Toys - We provide a variety of types of fun toys to add to your collection.   

Cleaners - PureGreen24 is the disinfectant used by many breeders. We use OUT! to clean rugs and carpet.

Plastic Crate (small) * - We use a small crate initially to aid in house training.  I do NOT recommend using a wire crate except in a few circumstances or until your pup is much older.  The Pet Porter is fine for a young pup.

Exercise Pen * - There are several types of pens I like.  The Carlson is non-climb but gaps are about 2" wide.  The standard exercise pen has smaller gaps but can be climbed over by some pups so get taller rather than shorter.  

Baby Gates * - If you purchase a gate, get a TALL so your adult dog won't be jumping over or opening it.  These are great to block off a kitchen area from a smart adult labradoodle.  

*I suggest borrowing these items as you won't need them for very long, but if you need to purchase you can do that here.  

Petmate Pet Porter Kennel, 15-20 lbs

Carlson Convertable Pet Yard (above)

Dreambaby Chealsea Extra Tall Auto Close Baby Gate

Petmate Sky Kennel (airline approved)

For the tiny pups, the crate below is what we use.  

MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen/ Pet Playpen (above)

Wall Nanny (4 pack) Indoor Baby Gate Wall Protector (below)

Grooming Supplies: There are so many options out there in stores and on the web. I thought it best to share what we use most regularly and what would be handy for a pet owner with 1 or 2 dogs to have.       

Click on the photos to buy.

Master Slicker Brush

Oster Dog Comb

Dematting Comb

Organic Oscar Shampoo

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner

Ear Drying Creme

Detangler/ Conditioner

Full Grooming Kit

Wondercide - Natural Flea Repellent


Nail Clippers

Grooming Scissor Set

Seresto Flea Collar

Miscellaneous Recommended Items:

There are some items that just don't fit in any other category, but are practical to have.  

Click on the photos to buy.

Kuranda Dog Bed- Raised & ChewProof-

Kapok Dog Beds - These are non-toxic, well made beds only availalbe at KapokBabies.com.

Pure Green 24 Disinfectant- Safe to use around your kids and pets.


Stain/ Odor Cleaner - This one really works, folks.


Firm Up Pumpkin Powder - This is used to firm up your pups stools.  Too much will have the opposite effect though. 

Poochie Bells - These bells are used to let a pup tell you when they have to go outside.  

Slopper Stopper Water Bowl - I'm amazed! This bowl really does stop all those drips of water all over the floor. 

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket -

This is the best life jacket I have found and comes at a good price.  That's Archer below.

Desensitizing CDs - I use these to desensitive our pups to all these noises.

Rain Coats- I've used many styles and I prefer this style by far.