"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."         -Samuel Butler


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Going home early April 2015:

Premiere Labradoodles Country Cadence (below on the left) and Gails Labradoodles Suave Spencer (below on the right) spent time together and had 8 little sweeties.  This pairing resulted in a black, apricot, and red litter with 2 parti pups and 1 phantom. They should mature to between 25 & 35 lbs, and have wavy to curly fleece, non-shed coats.

Pup selection will be after 6 weeks of age.  This litter is spoken for at this time but I will take a list for the possibility that one of these darlings becomes available. 

Black Australian Labradoodle Puppy


Rah-Rah (Raisin)~

Rah-Rah is our little black beauty.  She has a few white hairs on her chinnie-chin-chin, a stripe down her chest, and white on her back toes.  We are waiting to see if she is going to stay a shiny black satin or turn into a stunning silver.  It is too early to tell yet.  We predict her coat will be on the straighter side. 


Savannah ~

This little girl is almost mahogany red. but is going to lighten to apricot or cream.  She has a white dot on the top of her head and a thin stripe down her chest.  Savannah's coat looks like it's going to be on the straighter side. She is a confident, agile puppy.   


Nilla ~

This little girl is taking after her daddy with the white nose, white under her chin and splash on the top of her head on a red coat. She also has a white stripe down her neck and white toes and on the very tip of her tail.  She looks like she will have a wavy fleece coat. 


Thin Mint ~

This big boy is our gorgeous black and tan phantom.  We were so excited when he was born to see these fantastic markings which will be more distinct as he grows.  Keep watching the photos of this one.  He is most likely going to have a curly fleece coat. 


Macaroon ~

"Roonie" girl is a unique and adorable red parti.  She is so soft and has those curls already.  Her ears flaps have darkened and her patches on her sides are also more visible now than when she was younger.  She definantly will be a stand-out.  I'm predicting she'll also be a knock-out too!


Keebler ~

This boy seems to be darkening from apricot to red, and has a few white hairs on his chest just for bling.  His nose and all paw pads are black which might indicate he will stay darker but we'll have to wait and see.  He does have curl to his coat already so I expect he'll be a curly fleece like his dad. 


Oreo ~

This boy has the cutest symetrical black parti markings on his head and face.  He has nice large color areas on the rest of his body, too, including at the base of his tail.  There is nothing boring about his looks.  I am predicting that he will be on the larger side of the weight range based on his current growth rate.


Do-Si-Doh ~

DoSi also looks adorable, like her daddy, with the white nose, white under her chin and splash on the top of her head on a red coat. She also has a white chest and white toes and on the very tip of her tail.  She looks like she will have a gently wavy fleece coat. 

Expecting early May 2015 

Orchard View It's Showtime Roxy and Alpenridge Armani have been paired for an all chocolate (and possibly phantom) litter.  We'll have a size range from mini to standard with most a medium size (30-45 lbs).  These will be going home in early July.

Armani is a Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle, 16 tall and 28 lbs., with a dark chocolate phantom fleece coat.  He has the extensive health clearances that we like such as
Penn/HIP .38 .31 90%, PRA clear by Parentage, CERF Normal, Cardiac Normal, Thyroid Normal, Patellas/Elbows Normal.  Acording to his owner, he has an amazing temperament, is super calm, very smart, has great eye contact and is outgoing and playful.  He also has a great broad head and very square solid boning with a strong stop and a nice short muzzle, and almost perfect leg to body length. 

 Mini and small Medium Chocolate Pups

pictured below have gone home. 

Ida~ went home to New York 


Pokie~ went home to Menlo Park, CA

Bengal ~went home to San Luis Obispo, CA

Senior ~ went home to Montana

 Upcoming 2015 pairings: 

Our fall litter will be Gails Labradoodles Paso Soleil and (fantastic stud to be determined). 

Our winter litter will be Premiere Labradoodles Pallas Athena and (fantasitc stud to be determined). 

Contact us at 805-237-1149 or click our contact page to email.

When you select a puppy from us, your puppy will:

  • Be healthy and happy
  • Have been whelped and raised in our family living-room
  • Been socialized with children, adults and various animals
  • Have had age appropriate vaccinations
  • Have preventative worming treatments
  • Have had microchip implanted
  • Have had the dew claws removed
  • Have been spayed or neutered

Australian and F1-B Labradoodles are low to no shed, are allergy friendly and have no doggy odor even when wet. Our puppies will be current on puppy shots, wormed, microchipped, spayed or neutered, have a clean bill of health and dew claws removed before leaving us.   They will also be used to noises, other dogs, animals and children.  We will do Superdog Conditioning from birth through as long as they are with us.  All puppies will have been handled daily and had positive exposure to a crate and preliminary leash training.  We may do personality testing at 7 weeks so we can suggest the right puppy for your family. 

We will post new photos of the puppies as we take them.  We can provide additional pictures of any puppy you are interested in.  We can also refer you to other labradoodle breeders if we don't have what you are interested in.   We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy for any reason. 

There are no guarantees when it comes to size.  Weights are projected only. 

Contact us at 805-237-1149 or click our contact page to email.