"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."         -Samuel Butler

Our Girls 



Premiere Labradoodles "Ursa"


DNA profile on record

Beautiful sweet Ursa is one of our big gentle, calm, standard Australian Labradoodles.  She is one of Milly's pups.  

Ursa's hips are rated OFA prelim-good and Pennhip .39/.41, elbows prelim normal, cardiac, patella and eyes all normal.  She is clear for vWd, PRA-prcd, DM and EIC.  Ursa carries for cream.  

Ursa lives in a local guardian home with a canine sibling.  Ursa quickly won over the heart of her guardian dad who though he wouldn't care for a 'fluffy dog'.  Her family has nothing but good things to say about her now.  



Premiere Labradoodles

All'a Dis  "Olive"

ALAA-075382/ WALA00011392

DNA profile on record

Olive is a sweet, medium size and 35 lbs., Australian Labradoodle from one of our favorite litters.  She has a beautiful caramel ice soft non-shedding fleece coat.  Being around Olive is like having another child around.  She is very intuitive and seems to understand what is being said.   

Olive's hips are OFA Good.  Elbows are normal, as are cardiac and patellas.  She is clear for vWd, EIC, PRA-prcd and DM. 

Olive lives in a guardian home with kids and a canine sister.   

red labradoodle

Labradoodle Sydney   Canine Good Citizen

Premiere Labradoodles

Moulin of Sydney

ALAA-073609/ WALA00011472

DNA profile on record

Sydney was born here at Premiere Labradoodles.  She is the most sweet and gentle girl ever.  She is a beautiful, small medium 30 lb. multigen Australian Labradoodle.  Her coat is dark red, curly and non-shedding.

Sydney passed her hip testing with OFA (prelims) and PennHip .34/.34. Her elbow are prelim normal, and cardiac, patella and eyes are all normal.  She is clear for diseases.  Sydney carries the genes for parti and phantom.  

Sydney lives in a guardian home.  She has earned her Canine Good Citizen award. 

Premiere Labradoodles

Miss American Pie "Brandy"

ALAA-080814/ WALA

DNA profile on record

Brandy is a 20 lb miniature Australian Labradoodle with a chocolate sable curly fleece coat.  Yes, she is genetically a chocolate dog.  (Photo below is her as a pup).  Brandy is gentle and sweet.  She is a littermate to my stud Bentley.  We love what he produces so super excited to meet Brandy's first litter. 

Brandy's hips are rated OFA Good and PennHip .48/.43.  Her elbows, cardiac, patella and eyes  are all rated normal.  Brandy is clear for vWd, DM, EIC and PRA-prcd. 

Brandy lives in a guardian home with her canine sister and a couple cats.  

Brandy as a pup 

Brandy labradoodle

labradoodle sable

Labradoodles for Sale in California Labradoodle Breefer in California

Some of Lexi's pups (below and right).

labradoodle pup labradoodle pup

Premiere Labradoodle's 
All Fun and Games "Lexi" 

ALAA-054150/ WALA00008551                     DNA profile on record

Lexi is just an amazing girl.  She is the daughter of two of our very own- Luna and Jay.  Her coat is absolute perfection as is her calm, sweet temperament.  Lexi has been assisting her guardian with running her gym.  She is loved by all. 

Lexi's hips are rated OFA Pre-Good, Pennhip .47/.47, elbows, cardiac and patella are all prelim normal.  Her eyes are certified normal by OFA. She is clear of vWD, EIC, DM and PRA-prcd.  She is IC clear. She carries for cream, chocolate and phantom. 

Lexi lives in a local guardian home.  

labradoodle pup labradoodle pup

red micro mini labradoodle


Premiere Labradoodles

Mini-Me "Winnie"

ALAA-067630/ WALA00008567   

DNA profile on record

Winnie is the sweetest, cutest, littlest fun girl ever!  Winnie is an Australian Labradoodle and just under 10 lbs. of dark red fluff.  She is the daughter of our dear  Poppy.  

Winnie's health testing is great- OFA prelims normal for hips and elbows, Pennhip .31/.26, eyes, cardiac and patellas all OFA normal.  She is clear vWd, PRA-prcd, EIC, and DM.  

Winnie carries for chocolate. 

Winnie lives in a local guardian home where they have helped Winnie earn her Canine Good Citizen award.  

Canine Good Citizen

labradoodle mom

labradoodle         Labradoodle momma

Premiere Labradoodles

Pin Up Girl ("Jolene")


DNA profile on record

Jolene is a very sweet and comical girl.  She makes us laugh, loves cuddles, and is a fantastic momma.  Jolene is an Australian Labradoodle born right here with us.  

Jolene's hips are rated OFA prelim Good and elbows normal.  Her Pennhip scores are some of the best we have ever seen (.25/.22).  Jolene's eyes, patellas and cardiac are all certified normal.  She is clear vWd, PRA-prcd, EIC and DM.  

Jolene lives in a loving guardian home with her canine sibling.  


labradoodle momma

Premiere Labradoodles    Charlie's Angel Penelope "Penny"

ALAA-066333/ WALA00011965

DNA profile on record

We are so proud of this darling homegrown girl. Penny is one of our Opal and Maury pups. She is the sweetest, calmest and most gentle little mini girl we have met. She is only 20 lbs but acts so unflapable like a much bigger girl and her coat is so soft and pretty. 

Penny's health testing has been great.  Her hips are OFA prelim Excellent and Pennhip .27/.25.  Her elbows, patella, eyes and cardiac are normal. Her genetic testing has been done and she also carries for exciting coat colors such as phantom and parti.  

Penny lives in a doting guardian home with a canine brother. 



Premiere Labradoodles Clarabelle "Charlie"

ALAA-068641/ WALA00008539

DNA profile on record

Charlie is a darling homegrown miniature girl.  She has an amazingly sweet temperament, a soft nonshedding coat, amazing hip scores (Pennhip .29/.21 and OFA prelim good), elbows normal, cardiac, patella, eyes and kidneys all normal.  Charlie is clear for vWd, EIC and PRA-prcd.  She carries for chocolate and wild sable.  

Charlie lives in a local guardian home and has a lot of canine and human friends.  

Charlie has acheived her Canine Good Citizens  award.  

Canine Good Citizen   



Premiere Labradoodles   Queen of Merengue   "Milly"

ALAA-057284/WALA00008553                        DNA profile on record

Milly is one of our bigger girls in our Premiere Labradoodles breeding program.  She is friendly and full of love and fun.  She has amazingly tight hips (.14/.15 Pennhip) and OFA prelim good, OFA elbows prelim normal, eyes, cardiac and patella certified normal. She is clear all diseases and clear IC.  Milly carries for cream. 

Milly lives in a local guardian home with a canine sibling.  

Milly had her first litter in 2019.  Her pups are gorgeous with serveral in training as service dogs.  

This is a photo of Milly's first litter. 

labradoodle mom and pups

labradoodle momma


Premiere Labradoodles Mamajuana "Amber"

ALAA-057283/ WALA00008510

DNA on record

Amber is an Australian Labradoodle with mostly new lines.  She is just the sweetest girl. She will be one of the mommas of our standard litters in the future.  She has nice tight hips (.35/.31 Pennhip) and OFA finals of Excellent.  Elbows are final normal, and eyes, cardiac and patella all certified normal. She is clear all diseases and clear IC.  Amber's coat is chocolate and she carries for cream. 

Amber lives in a guardian home.

These are two of Amber's pups. 

labradoodle pup labradoodle pup

~STOLEN~ Premiere Labradoodles Champagne Kiss  


Premiere Labradoodles Champagne Kiss "Augusta"

ALAA-050226/ WALA00008531                            DNA profile on record

Augusta is a mid-size 45+ lb. F1b labradoodle that was born here from our standard size F1 momma and a gorgous red standard poodle.  She has big dog genes that we are excited to infuse into our Australian Labradoodle lines for medium and standard doodles.  

Augusta's hips and elbows are OFA prelim good, Pennhip normal, patella and cardiac normal, and clear vwd, PRA-prcd and DM.  Her eyes are OFA normal. 

Below are her pups at a few days old .  



~ ~ Upcoming Girls ~ ~

labradoodle mom


Premiere Labradoodles 

Coffee Press "Presley"


We have thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with our sweet young Presley.  This medium size multigen Australian Labradoodle girl has a gentle, kind and easy going temperament.  Presley was born here at Premiere Labradoodles and is one of Amber and Bow Tie's pups.  Her structure is fantastic.  

We have completed Presley's health testing and are just awaiting the results.  


~ ~ Retired Moms ~ ~

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Premiere Labradoodles

Lesson in Time "Karma"


ALAA-050614/ WALA00008544                            DNA profile on record

Karma was born here to our Soleil and has grown into a very beautiful girl.  She is medium size, 35 lbs., and solidly built.  Her coat is a non-fading dark chocolate fleece.  She has a big dog temperament but actually CAN comfortably fit on a lap (which she loves to do). 

Karma's hips are OFA Pre-Good, Pennhip .43/.46 (good), elbows- prelim normal, eyes, patella and cardiac all normal. She is clear of vWD, EIC, DM and PRA-prcd. She is also IC clear.  

Karma lives in a guardian home with human and canine siblings.  

#premierelabradoodle2019 #multigen

#premierelabradoodle2019 #multigen #premierelabradoodle2019 #multigen


labradoodle pup labradoodle pup labradoodle pup

Premiere Labradoodles Amelia Earhart


ALAA-055814/ WALA00008526

DNA profile on record

Amelia is an adorable mini multigen Australian Labradoodle!  She is the full sister of our retired Bessie Coleman. 

Amelia's hips are OFA prelim Good.  Elbows, patella and cardiac are all prelim normal.  Her eyes are certified normal by OFA.  She is clear by parentage for vWd, PRA-prcd, DM and EIC.  Amelia carries for cream, sable and parti.  

Amelia lives in a guardian home with her doodle sister and other animals. 


Below (and left) photos show the amazing variety in her first litter. 

  labradoodle puplabradoodle pup labradoodle pup

These are a couple of Poppy's pups.   

Lumar's California Poppy


ALAA-052206/ WALA00008561                          DNA profile on record

Little Poppy has joined us from our friend's in Virginia.  She is all of 13 lbs of sweet red Australian Labradoodle and a real beauty. People can't resist touching her soft red fleece, including us, so she is very spoiled. Poppy's hips are OFA Pre-Excellent, Pennhip .38/.39 (tight), elbows- prelim normal, patella and cardiac both normal. She is clear of vWD, EIC, DM and PRA-prcd.  She is also IC clear.  

Poppy lives here with us.  

These are photos of some adorable pups from her first litter --->

Premiere Labradoodles

Bit'O Irish (AKA Roonie)


ALAA-041786 / WALA00008489                                 DNA profile on record

Roonie is the most joyful, friendliest girl and is the daughter of our Country Cadence. She is a curly, non-shedding red and white parti that carries for phantom (at/at, K/N).  She is clear IC and merle.  

Roonie's testing is done and we are very happy with her results. Roonie is Pennhip 90% (.35/.33), OFA hip prelims rated Good and elbows normal.  She is certified normal via OFA for cardiac, patella and Legg-Calve-Perthes.  She had a normal eye exam (02-10-16).  DNA testing for vWD, PRA-prcd, EIC, DM and NEWs proved all clear. 

Roonie lives in a loving guardian home in San Luis Obispo.  



Premiere Labradoodles

 Walk of Fame "Riley"


ALAA-046695/ WALA00008565                            DNA profile on record

Our dear Riley is quite a character and also so beautiful.  Riley was a dark chocolate pup and has recently turned a lovely lavender.  She is about 25 lbs. 

Riley has great health testing.  Her hips are Prelim Excellent, and Pennhip 95% (extremely tight).  Her elbows, patellas, cardiac, and eyes are all normal.  She is clear vWD, DM, EIC, and PRA-prcd.  She carries for cream (bbEe) and phantom (at/at K/N).

Riley lives in a guardian home with her canine brothers. 



These are some of Lily's darling pups from her first litter. 


Premiere Labradoodles Spot on Lily

~ now RETIRED ~

ALAA-038131 / WALA00008353

Lily is perfection in a small package.  She is a medium chocolate parti Australian Labradoodle from our original line.  We are so excited with her. She has a loving, gentle temperament, the softest fleece coat ever, is 28lbs., and carries for cream and phantom.  Lily hips are OFA prelim Good and PennHip >90% (better than 90% of tested labradoodles). Her elbows, patellas and cardiac are all certified normal (OFA) and eyes are perfect(OFA).  She is clear of PRA-prcd, vWd, EIC, DM and 7 other diseases.  Lily is dual registered with ALAA and CKC.

Lily lives in a guardian home in Cambria where she is very loved and well cared for. 



Below are a few of Opal's pups.   

Premiere Labradoodle's 
Queen of Gems "Opal" 


ALAA-046688/ WALA00008554                         DNA profile on record

Opal is the daughter of our now retired Country Cadence ("Bailey") She is 25 lbs.  Opal was born a chocolate phantom (see picture) but carries that strong parchment gene from her mom, so is now almost all white.  In addition to chocolate and phantom, she also carries for cream and parti so will throw amazing patterned pups.  

Opal has passed all her health testing.  Her Pennhip was .44 (about 80%). She has OFA prelim certifications for hips and elbows, and finals for cardiac and patella.  Her eyes are certified normal by OFA.  She is clear for PRA-prcd, vWD, EIC and DM.   

Opal lives in a loving guardian home in Grover Beach.  She has passed her Canine Good Citizen test.  

Premiere Labradoodles Luna de Paso

ALAA-038655 / WALA00008552                                             ~ RETIRED ~

Luna (aka Lucy) is one of our very own homegrown girls and has turned into a real beauty.  She is a medium size (41 lb.), first generation Australian Labradoodle.  She is a caramel ice color and has a solidly built square body.  Her temperament is to die for.  

Luna's hip are OFA prelim Excellent and Pennhip >90%.  Her elbows are OFA prelim normal, patellas OFA normal and cardiac OFA normal.  Her eyes are certified normal (OFA). 

Luna lives in a local guardian home where she enjoys ranch life playing with horses, goats and her labradoodle sister.

These are pups from her first litter with Jay. 


Australian Labradoodle  Premiere Labradoodle

Premiere Labradoodles

Bessie Coleman  ~ RETIRED ~

ALAA-055814/ WALA00008538              DNA profile on record

This little cutie is Bessie.  She is the daughter of Premiere Labradoodles Puttin' on the Ritz  and has grown into a sturdy girl at 16" and 25 lbs.  Bessie's hips and elbows are OFA Prelim good and normal.  Her patellas and cardiac rated OFA normal, and eyes OFA normal.  She is clear vWd, PRA-prcd, EIC and DM.  Bessie lives  in San Luis Obispo, CA.  

These are some of Bessie's pups.


Premiere Labradoodles Abigail Roca ~RETIRED ~


Abby is our sweet chocolate mini Australian Labradoodle.  She has a perfectly proportioned square body and is 25lbs..  She carries for cream and parti.  Abby's eyes are certified perfect (OFA).  Her hips are OFA prelim Good and PennHip >90% (better than 90% of tested labradoodles).  Her elbows and patellas are certified normal (OFA) and is certified with normal cardiac function (OFA).  She is clear PRA-prcd, vWd, EIC, DM and 7 other diseases. Abby is dual registered with ALAA and CKC. 

Abby lives in a wonderful guardian home where she has passed the test for Canine Good Citizen certification and is therapy dog certified. 

~ RETIRED ~Gail's Labradoodles Paso Soleil (above)


Soleil is an adorable small standard (20" and 48#), wavy chocolate Australian labradoodle.  She has a lovely calm temperament and very nice conformation.  Her eyes are certified clear (OFA).  Soleil's hips are OFA prelim Fair and PennHip 80% (better than 80% of tested labradoodles).  Her elbows and patellas are certified normal (OFA).  She is certified with normal cardiac and thyroid function (OFA).  She is also clear Legg-Calve-Perthes, vWD, PRA-prcd, NEWs, DM and EIC.  

Soleil is dual-registered with the Continental Kennel Club and ALAA.  She lives in a guardian home and is very loved with 2 human and 2 canine siblings.